Presence, Not Panic

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We’ve all been there:  two seconds before you begin to speak, your mouth goes dry, your mind goes blank, and your right leg starts trembling.  What do you do?

To combat the panic, you have to be present.  You can’t ignore what’s happening in your mind and body— you need to be aware of it. Take a two-count to assess the situation.  If your mouth is dry, take a sip of water or lightly bite the edges of your tongue.  If your mind is racing, return to your objective—the “why” you are speaking to this audience.  If you feel tension in your body, do a quick alignment check to make sure your posture is balanced.  If your breath is shallow, do a 2 count infinity breath.  

These resets may feel like they take an eternity, but in reality, they are quick, effective, and undetectable to the audience. So ditch the panic for presence, and make a real connection with your listeners.

Tony Howell2 Comments